12 Genealogy-Related Twitter Accounts to Follow in 2018

Did you know that thousands of people are tweeting about #genealogy every day? Find out who to follow for news, tips, conference updates, conversation, and fun!

Genealogy Blog Party: Shape Up

Get your running shoes on! It's time to "shape up" your genealogy research! Add your post by January 31st.

Private Ancestors

Do your deceased ancestors still need their privacy? Probably not. Find out how to prune Private ancestors from your Ancestry.com tree.

Backup Your Tree

Online trees are great for easy hints and finding cousins, but you should always keep a backup. Find out how to download your Ancestry.com tree.

12 Genealogy-Related Twitter Accounts to Follow in 2018

After 10+ years, Twitter is still one of the most popular forms of social media. Did you know that thousands of people tweet about #genealogy every day? If you're already onboard with Twitter, be sure to be sure to follow these fun, informative, and educational accounts. If you're not a Twitter user, you might want to give it another look. There's a whole lotta #genealogy goin' on on Twitter!

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The November Genealogy Blog Party: Thankful

In the United States, November is the month to be grateful and give thanks. With that in mind, take a look at which genealogy "resources" these bloggers are thankful for. Perhaps some of these will inspire you to think "outside the box!"

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The October Genealogy Blog Party: Through the Stones

Imagine wandering into an ancient stone henge... and the next thing you know is that you've landed 200 years in the past. If that sounds like the plot of a popular book/TV show, you're right. But we "borrowed" it (a little) for the October 2017 Genealogy Blog Party. Find out what these bloggers discovered when the fell "through the stones!"

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Rescued from the Dump: The Jordan Bible

The Joseph Jordan family had a lovely 1850s-era Bible, full of remarkable family history information. Somehow, it wound up at a dump in Massachusetts. Thankfully, it was rescued by someone who realized how precious it was, and now the Bible is ready for a "forever home." Are you a descendant of this prominent family from Biddeford, Maine?

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Connect – Belong at RootsTech 2018

Plans for the 2018 RootsTech Conference are already underway and early bird registration is open. Need help deciding whether or not to attend? I'll make it easy for you: you should. Let me tell you what's new for 2018 and give you a few reasons to put this conference on your calendar.

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