Genealogy Blog Party: Thankful

Which genealogy “resource” are you thankful for this year? Add your post by November 30th!

Private Ancestors

Do your deceased ancestors still need their privacy? Probably not. Find out how to prune Private ancestors from your tree.

Google Smarter

Not finding your ancestors when you Google? These 9 strategies will help you get better results.

Backup Your Tree

Online trees are great for easy hints and finding cousins, but you should always keep a backup. Find out how to download your tree.

Private Ancestors: How to Prune Them From Your Ancestry Tree

Do your deceased ancestors still need their privacy? Probably not. But you might have marked them "private" without even realizing it. There's an easy way to fix that! In this post, I'll show you how to clean up your tree by pruning those pesky private ancestors. Your potential cousins will thank you.

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Book Review: “The Missing Man”

Morton Farrier has spent his entire career searching for the lost loved ones of other people. Ironically, solving the mystery of his own parentage has been the one case he could not crack. Read my review of "The Missing Man," the 6th installment in "Morton Farrier: Forensic Genealogist" series.

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Hello, I'm Elizabeth! I'm a genealogist, writer, and educator, and I've been looking for my descendant's ancestors for 3x's longer than she's been alive. I tell some of their stories here, but I also share tech and blogging tips, news, and other stuff I like. I am the host of the Genealogy Blog Party, which I hope you will join! Find out more right here.

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The November Genealogy Blog Party: Thankful



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