Past Genealogy Blog Parties


The November Genealogy Blog Party: Thankful

In the United States, November is the month to be grateful and give thanks. With that in mind, take a look at which genealogy “resources” these bloggers are thankful for. Perhaps some of these will inspire you to think “outside the box!”

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The October Genealogy Blog Party: Through the Stones

Imagine wandering into an ancient stone henge… and the next thing you know is that you’ve landed 200 years in the past.

If that sounds like the plot of a popular book/TV show, you’re right. But we “borrowed” it (a little) for the October 2017 Genealogy Blog Party.

Find out what these bloggers discovered when the fell “through the stones!”

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The September Genealogy Blog Party: Lost & Found

Have you found someone else’s photo album or family Bible in an antique shop? Has your family lost a precious heirloom and you would like to have it come back to you? If you have, you are definitely not alone! Read these stories of items “Lost and Found” in the September 2017 Genealogy Blog Party.

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The Genealogy Blog Party Gets STRANGE!

Did your ancestors live in a haunted house? Was great-grandma a witch? WHAT is that weird apparition in your family photo? Tell about your STRANGEST THING at the October Genealogy Blog Party!

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The July 2016 Genealogy Blog POOL Party!

Do you have an ancestor who named all of his children John or Mary SMITH? Moved away and left no trace? Went missing whenever the census taker showed up? Bring him or her to the July Genealogy Blog POOL Party, and push him in the pool!

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The Genealogy Blog Party: Your “Duh Moment”

Remember that time you thought John Smith was born in 1749, but his mom died in 1742? Oops. We all make mistakes. Read about the “duh moments” of the bloggers in this round of The Genealogy Blog Party – and no judging!

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