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You want to go to RootsTech

You know you do.

I mean, why wouldn’t you? RootsTech is only the biggest, blingy-est, most exciting-est genealogy conference around! 

And you don’t want to miss that, do you?

If you’re not sure what RootsTech is all about or why you should go, take a look at this post.

Go ahead. I’ll wait. 😊


This Month’s Giveaway

Spoilers: It’s a free pass to RootsTech.

You saw that coming, right?

Yeah, yeah… I know. You can hardly surf the Internets these days without bumping into yet another RootsTech Ambassador giving away a free pass to RootsTech.

But that’s ok because you want one. And here’s your chance to win:

One (1) complimentary RootsTech 2018 4-day pass (a $279 value) 🎉


What will you get with this pass? THIS:

  • More than 300 classes
  • Keynote speakers and general sessions
  • The Innovation Showcase
  • The AMAZING Expo hall
  • One-of-a-kind evening events

Basically, a whole bunch of fun and learning that you won’t get anywhere else. 😎

NOTE: This pass does not include airfare, hotel, meals, special events, or any other expenses. If you’ve already purchased a RootsTech pass, you will receive a full refund of your previous purchase if you are selected as the winner of this giveaway. 


How to Enter

Please use the official entry form below to enter the contest. Be sure to add your entries before midnight PST on 21 November 2017.

🚩 Adding a post to the November Genealogy Blog Party is worth 5 entries. If you are unsure of what this is or how to do it, please visit this page for details.

🚩 Adding a comment to this post is also worth 5 entries! Details are in the entry form.


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“Your Ticket to RootsTech 2018” Giveaway Official Rules (abridged):

  • No purchase is necessary to enter or win.
  • The My Descendant’s Ancestors “Your Ticket to RootsTech 2018” Giveaway begins on 7 November 2017 at 1:00 p.m. PST, and ends on 21 November 2017 at 11:59 p.m. PST. No exceptions.
  • This giveaway is open to all persons who are at least 18 years of age. Additional restrictions may apply.
  • Enter online by using the official entry form (above).
  • Entries that do not follow the rules will be disqualified.
  • One (1) winner will be selected in a random drawing from among all eligible entries received throughout the promotion period.
  • Airfare, hotel accommodations, meals, and/or other expenses are not included in this giveaway.
  • The winner will be notified by email at the email address provided in the entry Information within 3 days following the random drawing. Winner must respond within 3 days of notification.
  • Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time without prior notification.


Good luck to all, and I hope to see YOU at RootsTech 2018! 🙂

Disclosure: I am an Ambassador for RootsTech 2018.


  1. Angela L Rodesky

    There are a few lectures that I would like to attend of course Scott Hamilton for one. I hope to see more on the new photo app MemoryWeb and hear more about the development in family research software including mobile apps. Of course the idea of purchasing a couple DNA kits is always on everyone’s list.

    • Elizabeth O'Neal

      Right? And this year, DNA kits were selling for the insanely low price of $49! I love Scott Hamilton – remember him from his skating days. I haven’t heard about MemoryWeb… thanks for the tip! In the meantime, be sure to check out JoyFlips, which is a free photo sharing app that I think you’ll like. 😀

  2. tenaciousgenealogy

    I don’t know if I could list all the lectures and courses I’d want to attend. A few of them would be: Acadians & French Canadians in North America (gotta bone up on my French Canadian ancestry research), Real-World Examples of Frustrations of Endogamy, FamilySearch Mobile Apps, Translation & Transcription Tools for Genealogy, any of the Consultant classes, FindAGrave: Your Online Cemetery, French records on your French ancestors, Pinning the Past, Source Citations, Cemetery Preservation and so on… I’m also curious to buy DNA kits from some of the other providers (MyHeritage, FamilyTree, etc) in order to compare them to the ones I’ve already tested. I’d also love to hear Brandon Stanton as I’ve been a huge fan of HONY for many years and Scott Hamilton, having grown up watching him since I was a child (and dreamed of being an ice skater).

      • tenaciousgenealogy

        Faivre sounds familiar, but not LaFleur. I’m just getting into my French-Canadian lines, but they are utterly fascinating. The main lines I’m looking at are Michaud, Vilandre, Boileau, and Desmarais. The first three lines all seem to have massive families, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they intermarried with some Faivres or LaFleurs.

        I’ll have to try doing that with FamilyTree DNA and MyHeritage. I know Living DNA out of England allows you to upload you raw data from the other sites, but I’ve been having issues with Ancestry & 23&Me letting me download my raw data. So still working on that aspect. I’ve had a lot of people ask me which DNA service is the ‘best’ and so far, I’ve really only been able to give them my experience with Ancestry & 23&Me and say ‘It depends on what you are looking for.’

  3. Brandt Gibson

    I’ve been wanting to go to Rootstech since its inception, but haven’t been able to you. I am determined to make it this year. Getting this giveaway would be a HUGE help for that. I hope I win!!

    • Elizabeth O'Neal

      Brandt, for some reason Rafflecopter didn’t register your comment as an entry in the giveaway. Try clicking the “leave a comment” button on the entry form and posting your comment again. Also, as an email subscriber, you get to claim a free entry that way. And don’t forget to add a post to the November Genealogy Blog Party for an additional 5 entries! 🙂

  4. Karin Amour

    I have never attended RootsTech and would truly love to go. I’d definitely pursue finding an organizational method for compatible with a Mac, expand my DNA knowledge and get in some research time as well. I’d plan on spending time every day with the vendors, learning what they offer.

  5. Judith

    I would love to win this pass to Rootstech. I have been going over all the sessions and they look incredible. It does not matter if you have been there before as there is always something new to learn and something else to polish up on. I like to go a few days earlier so I can spend some time in the library. It really is an incredible place to learn among so many our my peers.

  6. Elle West

    This would be so great to win!! Great idea!

  7. Kathleen Brandt

    I’m enjoying visiting the ambassadors blog posts. Some I haven’t seen for a while. Now I remember, why I need to take time to just catch up with my blog reads!

  8. Courtney Hildebrand

    Would love to attend RootsTech 2018! It would be my first time and a dream come true!!

  9. Stephanie Milner

    Like so many others, I would LOVE to dig deeper into Irish and Scottish records research. I have many ancestors from Ireland, especially, that I have hit infamous brick walls on. I would also like to learn about German research, and I would very much enjoy a paleography class. I took one through BYU-Idaho online and loved it. I’d like to learn more. I’m crazy passionate about family history and have never been able to afford a pass to RT, so I would love to win one this year.!

  10. Leslie Lawson

    I love attending RootsTech. Time to visit with colleagues and that vendor hall! And then there’s that library just down the street. The choices! For me, I most enjoy the opening sessions each day. The speakers over the years have gotten better and better!

  11. Tami Crandall

    Thank you for the chance to win a RootsTec pass. It would be fabulous to attend this year!

  12. Rozlyn Kelly

    I look forward to being surrounded by others who are passionate about genealogy and meeting people from across the country. I look forward to learning more about DNA and getting more DNA kits at a great discount!

  13. Sheri Snodgrass

    I’ve been doing genealogy off and on for over 40 years and just learned about RootsTech a few years ago – love professional conferences for work – how cool to have one for where I really want to spend my time looking for ancestors!!

  14. Amy Fraikin

    I am hoping to attend classes that will help me find better ways to research my German ancestors. I also need help learning how to get past brick walls.

  15. Michael McCormick

    I’m interested in buying The Researcher’s Guide to American Genealogy, 4th ed. (2017) at RootsTech. I’m also excited to bring my mom along this time who has always been my genealogy cheerleader, but hasn’t come before to RootsTech.

  16. Jennie Merkley

    I have a whole list of things to check out in the Expo Hall – The Family History Guide just keeps getting better and better, the charts, books and bloggers, the Blaze stage, and a new tool I’ve been using to scan, organize and share my family’s photos – JoyFLIPS (I hear that they have great new tools to release before Rootstech!). Hope my time and energy will cover it all!

  17. Mariah Hudson

    My favorite thing about any genealogy conference, but especially RootsTech, is the community-vibe. There’s a wonderful sense of family at the venue, in the expo hall, during speakers and presentations, classes (of course!), meals, and across the street into the Family History Library! There’s always something new to learn and always something you can teach the next person! <3 <3 <3 I really hope to win a pass this year! My budget also!!

  18. Donna Gerber

    I’d really like to learn even more about DNA, especially any seminars by Blaine Bettinger. I’d also like to purchase more kits to have more family members tested. I’d also love to be able to visit the Vendor Hall to see the latest and greatest in genealogy, technological and otherwise. The best part of an event like RootsTech besides learning new things is being with all those other people who are also passionate about genealogy. It’s such a great experience.


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