Yesterday morning, I tuned in a few minutes late to DearMYRTLE’s “Mondays With Myrt” webinar, and caught the tail-end of a conversation involving the words “Greeneville,” “Tennessee,” and “mold.” Fearing the worst – and not wanting to interrupt the webinar – I started frantically Googling those words to see what the fuss was about. Finding nothing, I gave up, and promptly forgot all about it.

Later that evening, I got a tweet from Dick Eastman: “Thousands of Court Files Damaged by Water Mold.” Figuring that must be the Greeneville story, I headed over to Eastman’s Online Genealogy Blog and found the bad news.

Apparently folks at the Greene County Circuit Court Clerk’s office discovered a serious water damage problem at a county records storage facility in downtown Greeneville. The damaged records have been sent to a Michigan company for “freeze drying” and attempted restoration.

You can view the sad video on the Greeneville Sun’s web site. If you’re a Greene County researcher… bring your tissues.

And people wonder why I keep digital copies – and multiple back-ups – of everything.

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