I’m still on the lookout for holiday sales for genealogists, and found this great deal on Casefile Clues in my inbox this morning. If you don’t read Casefile Clues, you should. Michael John Neill shares a new tip or solution each week, making for a very enjoyable read. It’s a great value at the regular price, but a sale makes everything so much better, doesn’t it?

(Personally, I don’t know how he keeps up with such quality writing on a weekly basis, but I’m guessing he doesn’t have small children at home!)

*   *   *

Casefile Clues is offering it’s second annual Cyber-Monday Discount of 20% on an annual subscription to Casefile Clues.

Received weekly by genealogists across the United States and several foreign countries, Casefile Clues focuses on hands-on, applied, practical genealogical research. Concentrating on the why and how, Casefile Clues includes source citation and documentation and has been welcomed into the email inbox of genealogists everywhere.

Casefile Clues is written by Michael John Neill who has been actively involved in genealogical research for over twenty-five years. There’s more information on the newsletter at http://blog.casefileclues.com.

Please visit Casefile Clues for the link for the discount page and more information.

We’ve extended this discount for your blog readers until 6:00 PM West Coast time. The link will work until then.

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