They Want to Save the Trees

BURBANK – Chanting “Save the trees,” more than one-hundred irate genealogists staged a sit-in at the Southern California Genealogical Society‘s Library on Friday morning. Protestors claim to have been fed up with people who copy family trees off the Internet without checking or citing sources.

Led by well-known rabble-rouser Doug Miller, dozens of indignant genealogists waved copies of Evidence Explained in the air and yelled, “Hell no, copied trees must go!” at frightened library patrons. Dozens more sat on the floor and locked arms, blocking patrons from using the computers

One genealogist was quoted as saying, “My great-grandmother did not have children after she died! Whey are they saying this? WHY?” Another was angry that he found 37 online family trees stating that his great-great grandfather was 4 years-old when his first child was born.

After the protest, all of the genealogists left peacefully in a white Hummer limo. No arrests were made.


DISCLAIMER: Doug Miller is actually a very nice guy and would never do anything so radical as stage a sit-in at a library.


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