Msteri at Heritage Happens tagged me for the new-old meme, “Eight Things About Me.” Thank you for thinking of me, Msteri!

Here are the rules:

*Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
*Write a blog post about these eight things and post these rules.
*At the end of the blog post, list eight people to get tagged.
*Leave a comment on their blogs telling them they have been tagged.

Ok, here goes…

1. I’m an only child.
2. I have a dog and 3 guinea pigs.
3. I’ve lived in California my whole life.
4. I was a music major in college (violin performance), but my degree is in Social Science.
5. I met my husband online.
6. I had my first (and only) child at age 42.
7. I’m a compulsive volunteer.
8. I don’t like tomatoes, but I like tomato products (like salsa or spagetti sauce).

Now, on to share the fun with eight others who have hopefully not been tagged yet:

Cindy at In My Life
Sasha at Memory Lane
Elyse at Elyse’s Genealogy Blog
Becky at Grace and Glory
Amy at Amy’s Genealogy Blog
Debbie at Genealogy, Middle Age & Life
Amy at We Tree

Copyright © 2008 by Elizabeth O’Neal

Elizabeth O'Neal

Elizabeth O’Neal is a genealogist, freelance writer, educator, and web developer. An avid genealogist for three decades, Elizabeth writes the blog "My Descendant’s Ancestors" (formerly "Little Bytes of Life"), where she shares family stories, technology and methodology tips, and hosts the monthly "Genealogy Blog Party." When not hunting for ancestors, she enjoys testing new software and social media platforms to find innovative ways to re-purpose them for genealogy.
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