John Dunn Family

John, Reba, and Sarah Dunn


John Dunn was born on 14 March 1843 in Shelby, Cleveland County, North Carolina. He was the fourth child of eleven of Samuel Marion Dunn and Julia Ann Blanton Dunn.

Sarah Jane Swatzel was born on 16 December 1855 in Greeneville, Greene County, Tennessee. She was the sixth child of eleven of William H. Swatzel and Eliza Jane Thompson.

John and Sarah were married on 4 February 1877, in Albany, Greene County, Tennessee. Sarah was John’s second wife; his first marriage was to Anna Babb on 15 January 1866. Anna died on 4 November 1876.

John and Sarah raised twelve children of their own, as well as three children from his marriage to Anna.

Children of John and Sarah Dunn:

  • Samuel Marion Dunn, born 21 November 1877, in Greene County, Tennessee; died 5 June 1955, Urbana, Illinois.
  • Julia Ann Dunn, born 11 August 1878, in Newmansville, Greene County, Tennessee; died 8 May 1957, Colton, San Bernardino, California
  • Georgie Florence Dunn, born 9 November 1880, in Greene County, Tennessee; died 1881, in Tennessee.
  • John Walter Dunn, born 3 May 1882, in Greene County, Tennessee; died 13 February 1952, Bristol, Virginia.
  • Charles Edy Dunn, born 9 October 1885, in Greene County, Tennessee; died 14 October 1887, in Greene County, Tennessee.
  • Nina Josephine Dunn, born 6 January 1888, in Tennessee; died 9 February 1936, in Riverside, California.
  • Bertie Charlotte Dunn, born 9 November 1891, in Greene County, Tennessee; died 27 March 1917, in Greene County, Tennessee.
  • Mary Barton Dunn, born 30 November 1889, in Tennessee; died 3 March 1891, in Tennessee.
  • Dolly Myrtle Dunn, born15 January 1894, in Greenville, Greene County, Tennessee; died 11 February 1979, in Loma Linda, California.
  • Jodie Lee Dunn, born 5 May 1896, in Newmansville, Greene County, Tennessee; died 13 May 1925, in Greene County, Tennessee.
  • Bonnie Lucille Dunn, born 30 April 1898, in Greene County, Tennessee; died 30 March 1979, in Tennessee.
  • Reba Clyde Dunn, born 17 May 1901, in Greene County, Tennessee; died 4 August 1987, in Pasco, Franklin County, Washington.

John fought for the Union in the Civil War. Enlisting at the age of 19, he served as a Private in Co. K, 1st Tennessee Cavalry, from July 12, 1862, until June 5, 1865. He was captured in Newnan, Georgia, on July 31, 1864, and held at Andersonville Prison. He was one of the lucky survivors who made it out alive.

John died on 15 September 1915 in Afton, Greene County, Tennessee, and is buried in Union Temple Cemetery in Greene County, Tennessee. Sarah died on 18 July 1921 in Newmansville, Tennessee, and is buried next to her husband.


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Photo: John, Reba, and Sarah Jane Dune. Photograph. c. 1906. Original in possession of the author.



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